Satthwa My new startup!

I am happy to announce the launch of my new startup (Purity). Satthwa is my first non IT startup and also the first startup which is a bit personal. The first product we have launched is a Premium Hair Oil!

To be honest, I did not think in my wildest dreams that i would be launching a hair oil product.. let alone dabble in the beauty / cosmetic industry but this is how it played out. A couple years back, i noticed sudden hair fall and the tought of going bald stuck me and i could not imagine how that would be.. or rather i did not want to imagine. I tried various products some from the top cosmetic companies and paid thousands but that only helped a little, then a few months back i tried and tested a mix of some oils and they did the trick. Most of these oils, we have used in isolation but when they are mixed with some other oils, they are a potent combination for hair. Once i saw results, i gave it to friends and family to try out and the feedback i got was excellent. That was my moment of clarity!.. why not sell the product and help others as well… that’s how Satthwa was born.

Satthwa - Premium Hair Oil

Your local LalaJi goes online with

elala Indian traders website

The Confederation of All India Traders launched on Monday their answer to the likes of Flipkart & Amazon… I don’t know if they were able to comprehend the question but their answer to it was totally WRONG!

For starters their website is called, who in their right mind uses “-” in their domain these days and then go out a .biz extension, this practically ensures that they do not get over 40% of the direct traffic as people will type or

What’s more striking is that even though the website was launched yesterday, it still show coming soon on all products and cities… What’s up with that? This is an online equivalent of doing a “bhoomi poojan” (aka Groundbreaking ceremony). If it’s going to take them 6-8 months to go live, who’s to say that the platform does not become redundant even before it starts?

This seems to be a classics example where they think “Build it and the customers will come”, with such fierce competition from well funded and extremely customer centric startups, what make the CAIT think that their eLala would survive… after all, isn’t this “lala” attitude which has given birth to amazing startups in this space?

The new Sony commercial… wtf!

The commercial starts of showing kids looking at polluting factories and for a moment I thought there is some public service message in this commercial… but then the kids put gems like candy in the factory and the pollution becomes colourful and suddenly everyone is happy.. wtf? This makes no sense what so ever!