About Me

I come up with many ideas, try to implement them… most fail but some succeed, so I guess this makes me an entrepreneur! Check this article, if you wish to read more about my journey till now.

GradeOne Nutrition

GradeOne Nutrition is my latest Nutraceutical/Sports Supplement startup.

Satthwa Hair Care

Satthwa.com is my first non-tech startup which grew out of necessity. Launched with our first product, a premium regrowth hair oil.

Faayda Logo

Faayda.com is a fintech startup. Starting of as a personal finance app.

SpeedHost.in Logo

SpeedHost.in is a web hosting company which was started in 2007 with Rs.2000 investment in a reseller server, within 3 years it became the fastest growing hosting company in India and supported over 4000 clients. SpeedHost.in was later acquired by Directi, India’s largest domain and hosting company.

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