Rahul Yadav: The “face” behind the name

Rahul YadavWe all have read so much about Rahul Yadav… mostly him criticising someone or articles taking about him in the negative light.

I just happened to read an article by Haresh Chawla (India Value Fund) which threw some light from a different angle and was a good lesson for startups as well on what not to do.. over all a good read.

Some quotes from the article

“He would say, “We are growing too fast. I don’t have anyone who can manage the growth.”

“VCs don’t invest hundreds of millions of dollars on a whim. Are you saying all of them made an error of judgement?”

“The real test of the business would be the transition it would have to make from an “outfit” to an organisation.”

Full article: http://www.foundingfuel.com/article/the-rahul-yadav-story-youve-never-heard-before