Generate your own invoices? WTF HostGator!

Hostgator IndiaSo here is what happened… Today morning when i went online to look at a project’s website i have been working on (not and refreshed the website.. i got an error saying that the website was suspended and i should contact billing or support. Immediately it occurred to me that i did not get any invoice for the hosting for this month. I logged in to the control panel and there was no invoice due… huh! So i called HostGator India support and found out that since they moved to a new backed, they no longer generate invoices and the customers have to do this themselves and then make the payment… how bizarre?

I was in the web hosting business my self and if i had left it for the customers to generate invoices. a) I would have lots of angry customers calling. b) most would be so annoyed doing this that they would move to some other hosting company.

So my question is… why on earth would HG do this? I am sure they already have a lot of angry customers calling them for the same reason. I asked them the same question and their reply was, “this is how we do it!!”