Content spamming, it’s 2017 for god sakes!

Was reading an article about Stayzilla and the issues being faced by startups and how things get personal when a startup goes bust. To a certain extent i agree that crazy valuations and funding pushes founders to a “think once and spend twice” mentality but that the same time, i don’t see why things should get personal… to the extent of getting death threats.

Anyways, as i was reading the comments on the article, i noticed that people in 2017 are still doing spam commenting, how they hell do they expect to do anything other than downgrading their own product?

Jeevansathi gives us a wtf moment!

The usual practice is that singles look for other singles on matrimonial websites but in a new twist, Jeevansathi has introduced search for married people also… yes! you read that right. You can now filter from Never Married, Divorced, Annulled, Awaiting Divorce, Widowed and MARRIED.

Is this a April fools joke done a little early?

It’s really UPTO Asus

In the era of discounts and cashbacks, one of the most commonly used and abused word is UPTO.. Get upto 80% discount and 100% cashback (*max discount & cashback Rs.50 😛 )

ASUS seems to have decided to take this concept and run with it. Not just does it’s latest Zenfone 3 Max off upto 3 days of battery life but it also offers upto 5000mAh battery as well. What does upto 5000mAh really mean? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

This Valentines day, buy your love a…

So here’s my questions…

If you want to gift a car to the person you love, especially on a valentines day. Which one would you chose from the below, A or B?

I am hoping you would go for B, right? Isn’t that the obvious choice?

Today, I came across the below advertisement in the newspaper, which if you think about is would make you laugh or maybe cry if you are at the receiving end of this gift. Why would you gift someone you love, especially on a valentines day.. a iphone 5s which is 3 generations old now? Does this even make any sense? This might result in a breakup!

Freecharge’s FLAT 100% cashback, wtf?

So today i saw the papers, 1st page ad. from Paytm which was offering upto 100% cashback on transactions, then i turned the page over to see an ad. by Freecharge offering FLAT 100% cashback across lacks of stores. This made me read the headlines 2 times. Now ofcourse there has to be a catch to this madness.. right? Sure enough, there is.. at the bottom, barely readable text which stated that the maximum cashback will be Rs.100. Totally misleading.

Travel websites have been doing this for ages, giving 50-70% cashback on tickets, only to realise that the maximum amount never crossed few hundred rupees… and now, paytm, freecharge is doing the same thing.

Makes me wonder when these companies say that they have millions users, how many of them are actually active users and not just a one time signup who thought they were getting a deal of a lifetime and ended up with Rs.5 as cashback. 😛