Layoffs are a good news for startups?

I got the below email from easyhire today (I don’t remember signing up with them in the first place.) Anyways, normally i would just delete such emails but since the subject was though provoking, i decided to give it a read…


While their intention might good, i think their choice of words is very poor. Why would anyone hire an employee, if the said employee was let go from their previous job due to non-performance? And if such an employee was indeed hired by a startup.. do you think that startup would save money on training costs and other expenses? Would that employee be able to guide and mentor a team?

I think there is good lesson to be learnt from this email… Newsletters should be proofread multiple times by different people before they go out to the intended subscribers or even if they are being sent as spam. You never know who would post it on the web 🙂